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Welcome to, your 24/7 place to find vetted resources for you and your 2e family. You’ll find our listings organized in five categories: Education, Clinicians, Consultants, Associations and Enrichment. If you are looking for something that isn’t there, or if you’d like us to highlight your service or school, please contact Graciela Livas, 2eResources Coordinator at is brought to you by With Understanding Comes Calm and Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.


Belin-Blank Center

The Belin-Blank Center is a leading organization for talent development, twice-exceptionality, and acceleration. We offer professional development, an Assessment and Counseling Clinic, and academic programs

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GHF Learners

GHF Learners is a supportive community for gifted and 2e learners with the mission to empower every gifted family to make strategic, proactive, and intentional

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Dr. Matt Zakreski

Matthew Zakreski, PsyD is a high energy, creative clinical psychologist who utilizes an eclectic approach to meet the specific needs of his neurodiverse clients. He

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Gifted and Growing

Hey, Team 2e! If you’re at this site, you’re working hard to get your and your families’ needs met. I’m here because I want to

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Opal Counseling Center

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, for the Gifted, 2e, and Neurodivergent kids, teens and families. We see people individually or in small groups. please go to https://opalcounselingcenter

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