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Once you’ve met one 2e person, you’ve met one 2e person! But there is ONE THING every 2e person has in common; they need resources for their strengths and their struggles. 

Resources found on this page address needs of 2e families, educators, clinicians and 2e adults. Feel free to browse through our 2e Partner listing and learn about their services, products and programs. Links and emails are provided for your convenience in order to send questions directly to the source.


Rachel McAnallen
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Rachel McAnallen travels the world teaching the wonders of math to all ages and to anyone who will listen. She had taught learners in five of the seven continents and all but four states in the United States. Rachel has a passion for geometry and loves making polyhedra math models using modular origami. She believes that math is a language to be spoken, a music to be heard, an art to be seen and a dance to be performed. Rachel loves to laugh and dances when no one is watching.

Business Website Address: http://www.zoidandcompany.com
Business Phone Number: 720.951.2834
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Address: 3651 Lindell Rd. Suite D692 Las Vegas, Nevada
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thinkLaw helps educators teach critical thinking to all students through standards-aligned lessons based on real-life legal cases.

Our comprehensive program of teacher tools, student guides, and virtual coaching is based on real-­life cases because the law’s Socratic questioning methods make it easy for teachers to ask the questions that build student critical thinking skills.

thinkLaw gives under­-resourced schools with time-­strapped teachers all they need to facilitate critical thinking through engaging discussions, writing assignments, and other learning activities with under 1 hour of initial training and less than 20 minutes of prep time per lesson.

Business Website Address: thinkLaw Website
Business Phone Number: (702) 318-7512