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Once you’ve met one 2e person, you’ve met one 2e person! But there is ONE THING every 2e person has in common; they need resources for their strengths and their struggles. 

Resources found on this page address needs of 2e families, educators, clinicians and 2e adults. Feel free to browse through our 2e Partner listing and learn about their services, products and programs. Links and emails are provided for your convenience in order to send questions directly to the source.


Awesome Neuroscience – Nicole A. Tetreault, Ph.D.
Address: 91125
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Nicole Tetreault, Ph. D., is a neuroscientist, author, meditation teacher, and international speaker on topics of neurodiversity, neurodevelopment, creativity, mental health, and wellness. Her forthcoming book, Insight into a Bright Mind, explores groundbreaking research examining the experiences of unique, creative, and intense brains weaving interviews, storytelling, and literary science, while advocating for new directions and dialogue of human and neurodiversity.

Dr. Tetreault received her PhD from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in biology specializing in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. As the founder of Awesome Neuroscience, she is dedicated to translating the most promising neuroscience and positive psychology for individuals to live their best life. Her approach centers on guiding individuals to mindfully develop greater self-awareness and compassion, while teaching them positive life practices. Her foundations in neuroscience and meditation ground individuals to better understand their neuroindivuality and encourage them to embody their essence. Dr. Tetreault has researched neurodiversity, including autism, giftedness, and 2e, for over two decades and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and approach to neurodiversity. Being 2e herself, she understands the experience from the inside out.

Dr. Tetreault has authored and co-authored numerous academic papers on intelligence, autism, brain evolution, neuroanatomy, neuroinflammation, brain development, and behavior. Her popular science writings can be found in 2e Newsletter, Variations Magazine, GHF Dialogue, SENG Newsletter, Gifted Unlimited, and Great Potential Press.

As a Milton and Rosalind Chang Career Exploration Prize recipient from Caltech, Dr. Tetreault is creating Beyond the Cell, a transformative program to rehabilitate incarcerated women through teaching guided meditation, neuroscience, literature, and expressive writing to cultivate positive neural, mental, and behavioral patterns for healing. Specifically, Dr. Tetreault believes we have the ability to rewire our mind for positive neural plasticity and can manifest positive life practices. Beyond the Cell’s foundational practices lead incarcerated and post-incarcerated women to greater liberation. We can rewire our mind, transform our pain, and create something beautiful.

For more about Nicole, please visit nicoletetreault.com and https://www.beyondthecell.org.

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REEL (Resilience and Engagement for Every Learner)
Address: 94303
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REEL supports 2e kids in Silicon Valley by providing a bridge between educators and parents. We raise educators' awareness and understanding of 2e students and provide resources to make school a place that 2e learners can be successful. We create and disseminate 2e resources and events to help parents learn how to advocate for and support their 2e children at school.
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REEL Supports 2e Students:
- Create and nurture platforms for student voice to lead the way towards awareness of and solutions for 2e learners
- Leverage 2e student voice and wisdom to create tools and strategies for educators

REEL Supports Educators:
- Raise Awareness and Understanding of Twice-Exceptional Learners in Silicon Valley (among school districts and educators)
- Advocate for strengths-based, talent-focused approaches to education for all Silicon Valley students
- Amplify and scale up teacher professional development and resources, including our "Intro to the 2e Learner" workshop

REEL Supports Parents:
- Nurture a thriving community for parents of 2e learners in Silicon Valley
- Provide responsive, engaging events and tools for parents of 2e learners
- Gather parent insights to create tools and strategies for educators
- Mobilize parents to create change in their schools

For more information, reach out to VictoriaRose@WithUnderstandingComesCalm.com.