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Once you’ve met one 2e person, you’ve met one 2e person! But there is ONE THING every 2e person has in common; they need resources for their strengths and their struggles. 

Resources found on this page address needs of 2e families, educators, clinicians and 2e adults. Feel free to browse through our 2e Partner listing and learn about their services, products and programs. Links and emails are provided for your convenience in order to send questions directly to the source.

social emotional learning

Young Scholars Academy LA
Address: 1232 15th Street Unit A
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Young Scholars Academy is an online enrichment center that seeks to provide twice-exceptional students with transformative educational experiences that serve to develop their love of learning, personal character, self-awareness, and exceptionalities.
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Young Scholars Academy helps neurodiverse students learn engaging content that aligns with their passions to ignite within them a love for learning. Unlike their current schools, we take a fun approach to education in which learning is built around what students actually care about, not what they “ought” to know.

We offer regular online programming that meets once a week and allows students to delve deeply into complex topics, receive tailored support/differentiation, develop Social-Emotional Learning skills as they connect with peers in our neurodiverse tribe, develop Executive Functioning skills that are cultivated in the context of our strength-based learning, and we HAVE A TON OF FUN WHILE WE'RE AT IT!

Some courses include: Speech and Debate: Powers of Persuasion, Young Entrepreneurs: From Dreaming to Doing, Young Writers: Storytelling Through Pixar, Young Biologists: Creatures of Habitats, 2e AP: AP US History, 2e AP: AP Government and Politics, Young and Thriving: Skills For Life Beyond High School, Young Investors: Crypto and Stock Sim, Talking Like TED: Public Speaking, and Mathlandia: A Quest-based Math Game.

While the course topics and fun teachers are ultimately what entice the kiddos, our parents enjoy having their students work with experts in the field that nest learning-to-learn skills within the content. In other words, our classes are about so much more than what the titles would suggest =)

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+1(424) 835-5324
Free Spirit Publishing
Address: 6325 Sandburg Rd., Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55427
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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Free Spirit Publishing is known for its unique understanding of what kids want and need to navigate life successfully. Our reputation as the leading publisher of resources for gifted education, special needs, character education, and social-emotional learning is grounded in books and other learning materials that are practical, positive, pro-kid, and solution focused.
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Whether at home, in school, or out in the world, all kids face challenges. No matter the choices, changes, and opportunities young people encounter, Free Spirit has had the same mission for nearly 40 years: to provide children and teens—and the adults who care for and about them—with the tools they need to think for themselves, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world.

Today more than ever, young people need social and emotional guidance. We aim to meet all kids—babies, teens, and everyone in between—where they are (not where we wish they were) and to support them in developing their talents, building resiliency, and fostering a positive outlook on life so they can reach their full potential.

You can use our books to tackle tough topics such as anger and stress management, childhood and teenage depression, anxiety, grief and loss, juvenile justice, and conflict resolution. And sometimes our sound advice includes a sense of humor to help kids with school success, self-esteem, friendship and social skills, and more.

Our Self-Help for Kids® and Self-Help for Teens® books and other learning materials are practical, positive, pro-kid, and solution focused—not watered-down adult content.

Free Spirit Professional™ books for educators complement our books for kids by providing educators with a complete offering of resources to improve teaching and learning. We offer a wide range of free resources too!

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For more information, reach out to VictoriaRose@WithUnderstandingComesCalm.com.