Teachers Need Community

As we gear up for our on-line Educator Conference, Let’s Talk 2e, I note that our mission is not only to help educate and arm teachers of Twice Exceptional students with strategies they can apply RIGHT NOW in their classrooms, but to provide support for educators. Teachers in general suffer from stress — from things […]

Motivating and Engaging 2e Learners (best practices for ALL learners)

On a regular day it can be difficult to capture a twice exceptional student’s attention and focus. Their brains are wired to notice all sorts of things going on around them. I prefer to think of this as a superpower rather than a deficit. The ability to notice multiple things simultaneously, to be so motivated […]

On Being Twice Exceptional During the Holidays

I recently asked participants in our Parent Empowerment Group what they love about the holidays. Just a simple question, but since they are parents of twice exceptional students, I had to give the caveat – “in theory.” Holidays can be dreadful for parents of twice exceptional students because of how they affect their kids and […]

2e Kids, Emotional Overexcitability and the Election

Gifted and twice exceptional people often experience emotional overexcitability. Plugging into the world in an organic way, they see, feel, and understand their surroundings on a deeper level. This super power sometimes causes great pleasure and at other times, great pain. Research shows that our children can tap into the feelings of the adults around […]

How to Engage Your 2e Student in Online Learning

Parents and educators are asking how to engage their 2e students in online and hybrid learning. Never mind having to learn under the stressful circumstances of today, engagement in online learning is almost always tough. We are social creatures and we crave meaningful interactions. If we don’t have a balance of in-person and online interaction […]

How to be Twice Exceptional During Covid

There is a scene in the well-known 1980s Romantic Comedy, “When Harry Met Sally,” starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, when Crystal’s character explains how he starts a book by reading the last page first. I always scratched my head over this – why would you want to do that? Leaving the anxious nature of […]

Removing our Masks: Engaging 2e Students During Pandemic Learning

During the best of times it can be challenging to engage gifted and 2e learners, particularly if they are not in an environment that lends itself to their learning styles and needs. Often times gifted and 2e learners make quicker connections than their peers and if they are waiting for others to catch up, boredom […]