Neurodiverse Adults: The Things We Do For Love

When I decided to create a conference for gifted, 2e, neurodiverse adults, part of my vision included a robust, interactive GLOBAL community. Our facebook page literally went from 60 members to close to 700 members in two weeks! We struck a chord. Gifted/2e/neurodiverse adults spend (read, waste) an inordinate amount of time trying to ‘fit […]

Perfectionism, Grass is Always Greener Syndrome and Being Neurodiverse

The twice exceptional profile (gifted with a learning difference) often comes with perfectionism – a drive to do and be better. Sometimes that perfectionism reaches a high enough level to become unhealthy. I’ve written multiple blogs about this subject and the importance of praising effort over result to stop unhealthy perfectionism in its tracks, particularly […]

Five Steps Toward Educational Equity for Diverse Learners

Feeling marginalized, unseen and experiencing a concentration on their perceived deficits, 2e learners’ access to appropriate education is often compromised. Add cultural diversity to the 2e profile, and this ‘3e’ learner is almost guaranteed barriers such as implicit and explicit bias, against their success.

Reacting vs. Responding to Twice Exceptional Behavior: Tapping into Your Treasure Chest

There are certain apparent patterns with challenging twice exceptional behavior. Frequently the unwanted behavior we see in our twice exceptional children and students, or experience as 2e adults, is in response to an unseen trigger. The child or adult feels assaulted emotionally or from a sensory standpoint. They are overwhelmed, immediately thrown into fight or […]

Teachers Need Community

As we gear up for our on-line Educator Conference, Let’s Talk 2e, I note that our mission is not only to help educate and arm teachers of Twice Exceptional students with strategies they can apply RIGHT NOW in their classrooms, but to provide support for educators. Teachers in general suffer from stress — from things […]