Necessary Facts for Understanding and Accepting Your Child with ADHD

Yesterday a client shared that she was having a hard time getting her child’s father on board to understand and address their son’s learning profile. The author echos my oft said sentiment that with understanding comes calm. In discussing “The Father Factor” it becomes clear that understanding leads to acceptance. Read on for a great […]

Breaking Down Learning for Everyone Increases Learning for Everyone

Where it once was thought that strategies like these were meant only for special needs students, we see from this article and many classroom accommodations, that the only ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is the approach that everyone can benefit from intentional and meaningful interventions

Building 2e Community Online – How One Parent of 2e Kids is Paying It Forward

Download the PDF here. The annual 2 Days of 2e Virtual Conference features presentations by experts in the world of twice-exceptionality. Julie Skolnick, the conference’s founder and a mother of three 2e kids, shared with Variations2e thoughts on her journey and continued advocacy for this population of learners. What brought you into the 2e world? […]

2e and PTSD

…the twice exceptional (gifted with a learning difference) population is under inordinate, constant stress.