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The Importance of Classroom Culture and Connection for Gifted and Twice Exceptional Learners

If you have a child who is an empath, emotionally overexcitable, one who seems “over-sensitive,” it’s important to speak to him about his nature and to focus on strengths. We don’t want to quell this child’s inclinations but we need him to know that not everyone is wired like he is, and he has to protect himself.

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Breaking Down Learning for Everyone Increases Learning for Everyone

Where it once was thought that strategies like these were meant only for special needs students, we see from this article and many classroom accommodations, that the only ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is the approach that everyone can benefit from intentional and meaningful interventions

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New Year’s Resolutions for Parents and Teachers of Twice Exceptional Students

For parents and educators of twice exceptional students, this practice (of making New Years Resolutions) needs to be well defined and daily. There is no room for failure, like so many well-meaning New Years Resolutions.

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