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Understanding Twice Exceptional Children (2E) and Helping Them Thrive – with Julie Skolnick

by Elisheva Schwartz

TPP 130: Julie Skolnick of With Understanding Comes Calm on Advocating for 2e Kids

AURORA REMEMBER 101: With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick

Someone Gets Me Podcast - Diversify Your Life Portfolio - An Interview with Julie Skolnick

“I just listened to Episode 130 of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, which came out yesterday (the day which was, ironically, one of the worst days of our journey in parenting our 2e son)… I so NEEDED to hear your episode today – such perfect timing. I have hope in my heart and the kick in the pants to keep going, keep learning, keep advocating. Thank you.” -Parent

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