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Everyone is bearing the brunt of a world turned upside down.

To the teachers who are trying to engage students, normalize the not-so-normal, and support the social/emotional needs of their students via a screen – all while handling their own personal situations and fears…

To the parents who are suddenly finding themselves in the role of teacher, who without warning have taken on several full-time jobs and need to please many people with no end in sight…

This webinar is for you.

While you’re supporting everyone, who’s supporting you?

Meaningful interactions are lifeblood for gifted and 2e people, but misunderstandings are our downfall. With so much of our communication gone virtual, we are currently navigating a minefield of misunderstanding. We could choose to give up… or we could use this time to learn how to become better, more intentional communicators in spite of the screens.

In this 24-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • how to create an internal and external environment optimal for communication
  • the 10 barriers of communication – and 10 strategies of effective communication
  • how to mutually align your intent and meaning in conversation
  •  how to ask for what you need

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2021 Let's Talk 2e
Educators Conference

Sessions Available January 25, 2021,
But You'll Have Access Forever