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Quince Orchard Psychotherapy

We provide psychological assessment; individual, couples, and family counseling services; and medication management. Treatment specializations include: Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Couples Counseling Family Counseling...

Dr. Maggie Brown – Psychotherapist, counselor and coach

Dr. Maggie Brown provides psychological and counseling services to gifted, neurodiverse, creative, 2E and otherwise out-of-the-box adults. Maggie offers over 30 years of experience, and...

Unleash Monday

Unleash Monday is the podcast for gifted and 2e adults. I am Nadja, a Multipotentialite with a great passion for Science and the Marie Kondo...

Guiding Exceptional Parents

You want to be an exceptional parent, but life has thrown you a curveball that overwhelms your instincts and know-how. That’s okay! You just need...

With Understanding Comes Calm

Looking for guidance to support the twice-exceptional loved ones in your life? You have come to the right place. As the parent of three twice...

Let’s Talk 2e

Looking for guidance to support the twice-exceptional loved ones in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s Talk 2e provides tools to educate...
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Empowerment Group for 2e Adults!

If you are looking for a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SELF, a way to make MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS with others, and to learn TOOLS TO EMPOWER YOU, this group is for you! 

Next 6-week series starts April 3rd. Grab your spot now!

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