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Our Process

In order to achieve our goals of empowered parents and successful children, we developed a three meeting process:


With understanding comes calm. Through the lenses of giftedness and distractibility, I will help you understand your child’s perplexing behaviors, complicated feelings and challenging attitudes and the responses of others toward them.

Giftedness and distractibility are often accompanied by intensities; sensitivity, anxiety, anger, boredom, frustration and immense energy. These BIG feelings in turn can cause outlying behaviors that prohibit our children from succeeding in mainstream settings. Unless the adults in charge understand why our children behave the way they do, our children may be alienated, punished, disciplined or shunned.

When we understand why our children feel what they feel we can respond to their behavior in a calm and productive way.


Once we understand why your child reacts, behaves and feels the way he does, we can calmly create strategies to redirect or diffuse his behavior and help bring out the best in him so he may successfully reach his potential. We will fill your toolbox with ways to avoid negative reactions, encourage responsibility, and increase your child’s self-awareness and self esteem.


How will these strategies actually happen at home, in the classroom and out in the world? In order to implement the strategies, we need a comprehensive plan that takes into account the factors where these strategies are utilized. Who is in charge? What contributes to the ease or challenge with which these strategies are used? How do we engage your child so he willingly participates in these strategies?

The success of implementation is planning ahead. Get buy-in from your child and her teacher. Decide what needs to be in place to redirect behavior or fulfill your child’s needs.

Along with an implementation plan, we advise parents on how to advocate with necessary professionals: teachers, administrators, coaches and others so parents create a mutually supportive team without creating a defensive atmosphere. The goal is to form a partnership where parents and professionals gain mutual benefits from sharing information, techniques, and have a respectful back and forth about the best way to help your child thrive.

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