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Parent Empowerment Group

Parenting Gifted Children is often challenging on many levels. You may feel isolated as friends and family don’t understand your situation or your child’s needs. Your child’s behavior and your parenting style may be questioned by people around you, yourself or your spouse. Our parent empowerment group is a viable solution to receive the support, information and guidance for the challenges inherent with parenting a gifted child.

Parents have an opportunity to openly and comfortably share their experiences, receive support, guidance and advice. Participants will develop parenting skills to nurture the self-concept and emotional development of talented children and their families.

Join fellow parents in a safe and confidential setting to discuss unique challenges gifted children bring to families.

During eight sessions we discuss:

  • Characteristics of Gifted Children
  • Communication: The Key to Relationships
  • Motivation, Enthusiasm, and Underachievement
  • Establishing Discipline and Teaching Self-Management
  • Intensity, Perfectionism, and Stress
  • Idealism, Unhappiness and Depression
  • Acquaintances, Friends, Peers, Only Children and Siblings and
  • Values, Traditions, and Uniqueness

Designed to bring parents together so they can share with and support one another, the group enjoys fluid conversation and thoughtful reflection on the parenting experience.

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants are required for this group. If you are interested in participating in a Parent Empowerment Group please contact Julie Skolnick directly.

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