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ADDiva Network

ADHD 2e women and moms deserve support, too! Join a vibrant, growing community of ADHD women 40+ (no worries: 30-somethings also welcome!) for private or

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Athena Academy

Athena Academy is a non-profit educational institution established in 2010, devoted to educating bright dyslexic children and 2e dyslexic and gifted students, grades 1 –

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Belin-Blank Center

The Belin-Blank Center offers professional development, an assessment and counseling clinic, and myriad programs for students, including academic-year and summer programs and an early entrance

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Boorman Counseling

Boorman Counseling, help for all life’s ups and downs. We aim to provide people with the tools needed to live successful, balanced, and content lives.

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Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy is a school serving students in Grades 4 through 12 with learning differences who are amazingly bright, outside-the box-thinkers, capable of developing expertise

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Bridges Education Group

The Bridges Education Group, an international leader in the field of twice-exceptional education (2e), aspires for students from all backgrounds to acquire the skills, knowledge,

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