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Gifted and Distractible, referred to as “THE 2e Book”, offers a comprehensive look at the challenges and triumphs of raising, educating, and being 2e. Join author Julie Skolnick and take a deep dive into the triumphs and tribulations of teaching 2e learners.

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Gifted & Distractible

Julie Skolnick, M.A, J.D. of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC offers an in-depth book study experience for educators and administrators who want to study and learn together using her book Gifted and Distractible (Penguin Random House, 2023).

The G&D Book Study provides a safe place for educators to ask hard questions and learn strategies that are immediately relevant to your specific classroom situation.

Tailored Experience

Tailor your book study experience to what works best for your team. Choose between scheduling three Q/A sessions, one after each part of the book – understanding, strategies, and advocacy, or one Q/A session with Julie at the end of your book study sessions.

Reflection Journal

Both options include a Reflection Journal for educators to consider what they’ve learned and how they will implement strategies within their classroom. Julie’s deep empathy and understanding of the educator’s dilemma in teaching gifted and distractible learners allows her to bring warmth and humor to your complex situation.

Suggested Book Study Schedule

Three Q/A Session Suggested Schedule: This is a suggested schedule. Please organize your book study so that it best fulfills your team’s needs and calendar.

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