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Six Steps to Self Love

I’ve been talking about self love a lot lately. I know, I know, you’re like “That’s so woo woo” or “Who has time?” or, “Really?

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2e Lessons from the Manatee

My family and I recently kayaked with manatees in Florida. It was a unique experience. Manatees, sometimes known as “sea cows” can weigh up to

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Foul Weather Friends

Foul Weather Friends – We often talk about “deficit focusing” in the context of school and the 2e learner. It’s when parents or teachers address

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A Letter to Elon Musk

Dear Elon Musk, You have an awesome opportunity to do good. The First Amendment, freedom of speech, is sacred for Democracy to thrive. Yet, like

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Twice Exceptional

It’s Time To Listen

“Grown ups stink!” So said a thirteen-year-old highly gifted, emotionally overexcitable, empathic, creative, dysgraphic child to his parents. He’d been to a new school for

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