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Social Distancing and Family Converging: Twice Exceptional Adults at Home

During these unchartered waters in our collective human history, you suddenly find your spouse or partner, your kids, your work, everything at home with you. Whereas you may have constructed boundaries before, boundaries are now blurred or non-existent.  This can be...

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Being a Detective Allows Parents and Educators of 2e Children to Identify Triggers and Focus on Strengths

I just read a wonderful article on how to treat "picky eaters." What I love about this piece is that the professional's process mirrors the process I take  parents through to assess their child's or student's challenging behavior. Always seeking to be strengths-based,...

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Identification, not Education is the Problem with Gifted Programs

A recent article published in the Seattle Times, ("All Children are Gifted Just in Different Ways," Feb. 7, 2020, ) lashes out at #giftedprogramming as racist, in fact, author @davidgardner, refers to what he calls “so-called ‘gifted’ education” as “institutional...

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