Free Online 2e Adult Masterclass

Join me for a 6-Week Series designed for 2e Adults to thrive as your extraordinary self. These live sessions will take place every Thursday from April 11th to May 16th at 1pm ET. Register today and attend as many sessions as you want to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

All masterclass sessions will be recorded and made available to those who register.

In This Free Masterclass Series


1 (1)

What does it mean to be 2e?

We will delve deep into the complexities of being twice-exceptional exploring the intersection of giftedness and learning differences.

2 (2)

2e Myths & Misunderstandings

This session aims to debunk common misconceptions surrounding twice-exceptional individuals and provides a deeper understanding of your unique strengths and challenges.


Social Emotional Needs & Communication

We will explore strategies to navigate social interactions, manage emotions effectively, and improve communication skills.


Family Relationships, Expectations, and Being 2e

Discover how to foster healthier and more fulfilling connections with your loved ones while embracing your 2e identity with confidence and pride.


2e Adults At Work and At Home

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and learn effective tools to enhance your productivity, communication, and overall well-being.


How Community Combats Loneliness for 2e Adults

You will gain valuable insights, tools, and strategies to navigate loneliness, foster meaningful relationships, and cultivate a sense of belonging within the 2e community

This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if…

  • You want to understand yourself better
  • You aren’t sure what it means to be 2e/Twice Exceptional
  • You crave meaningful connections
  • You value meaningful work
  • You sometimes find it hard to connect and communicate with others
  • You feel misunderstood
  • You experience self doubt
  • You want to feel understood
All masterclass sessions will be recorded and made available to those who register.

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