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Julie obviously is passionate about the subject which adds value and credibility to her lecture.

One of the best things about today’s talk was Julie’s overall unflinching positive attitude toward 2e kids throughout the presentation.

“Understanding Your Twice Exceptional Child: Strategies to Bring Out the Best and Raise Self-Esteem”

In this talk Julie takes the audience on a ‘deep dive’ into what giftedness and twice exceptionality mean and gives a glimpse of the inner experience of the gifted and twice exceptional. With this understanding in mind, Julie shares durable strategies, based on her trademarked acronym P-R-A-I-S-E, proven to bring out the best and raise self-esteem in gifted and 2e children and students.
Duration 1 hour

“How Executive Functioning Challenges Present in 2e Children and
What to do about it”

Learn about Executive Functioning – the ability to plan, organize and prioritize – and why this skill set can be particularly challenging for gifted and 2e kids. Learn the five C’s as strategies for strengthening executive functioning skills.
Duration 1 hour

“Underachievement in Gifted and 2e Students”

There is an assumption that things come easily to gifted kids. But the truth is not everything comes easily and often times perfectionism and anxiety stand in the way of accomplishment. Imposter theory, risk aversion, asynchronous development and existential crises all affect the gifted and 2e students’ abilities to perform. In this talk learn about what underlies underperformance and how to support these students so they can demonstrate their potential.
Duration 1 hour

“Why Assessments Often Lead to Remediation for 2e Learners and What to Do About it”

Often neuropsychological assessments yield a myriad of diagnoses for 2e children. Lists of suggestions, accommodations and referrals may accompany the report and if left unchecked 2e students’ talents fall by the wayside. Using a case study, this presentation analyzes findings of how perfectionism, anxiety and overexcitabilities can affect results. Strategies are explored to encourage a strengths-based approach.
Duration 1 hour

“More Meaning and Less Stress in Adult Gifted and 2e Relationships”

This interactive session will help gifted and 2e adults better understand their own reactions and emotions (positive and negative) in their adult relationships. Using specific strategies participants will gain understanding of themselves and their partners in order to experience more fulfilling relationships including understanding, empathy, and self-care.
Duration 1 hour

Film and Discussion: “2e: Twice Exceptional”

Join Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D. as together you explore the ‘True Meaning of Giftedness and Twice Exceptionality’, then view the award-winning 53 minute documentary, “2e: Twice Exceptional” produced by Hollywood producer, Tom Ropelewski and conclude the evening with a robust discussion and Q&A session.
Duration 1.5 – 2 hours

Understanding Twice Exceptional Children: What They Do, and the Complexity of Teasing Out Why

When signs of high ability co-exist with learning differences, everyone seems to rush to remediate. The assumption is either the ability will shine and carry a child through or that you can’t enrich or accelerate until challenges are handled. The truth is teaching to the gift and keeping a strengths based approach often help modulate challenges and dissipate unwanted behavior. How do we know if a child is gifted or identified with ADHD or another LD? In this session hear about softer measurements that encourage a positive reframe and strengths based approach that lead educators and practitioners to forge a personal relationship with a child, and make a difference in a 2e child’s life through Julie’s “Cycle for Success.”

The presentation brought me to tears confirming what I know my son is experiencing.

Your talk was such a great reminder to look at the ‘gift’ and the special side of my child.

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