I help educators understand and empower 2e students.

Teaching a 2e student means adjusting your approach. It means gaining a deep understanding of your student’s specific strengths and struggles. Teaching 2e students requires trust and partnership with both the student and his parents. None of these goals come easily. We train educators to create personal connections and address needs with intention and specific strategies.

Why & how Julie Skolnick can help you, your teachers, or your school:

Are you teaching a bright child who

  • Can’t sit still?
  • Needs frequent redirection?
  • Seems to rile up his classmates?
  • Often forgets to turn in his homework?

Does this student

  • Ask a lot of questions, often seemingly off topic?
  • Get stuck on certain assignments?
  • Resist following rules?
  • Suggest “a better way” to do things?
  • React in a way that seems “over the top?”

Do other students

  • Have a hard time relating to this child?
  • Complain about this child’s behavior?

Sometimes gifted and distractible students cause their teachers the most stress. Though seemingly counterintuitive, disruptive students are often highly interested learners. One might assume that deep thinkers are easy to engage. Yet, unseen triggers and invisible disabilities frequently drive unwanted behavior.

No matter what you try, the student resists, acts out, or refuses. Attempts to engage with parents of 2e students is often met with defensiveness and distrust. There are good reasons for all of these reactions. 2e students struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, expectations, fear of failure, sensory and social challenges that can affect their ability to attend. Families feel judged, confused and know that their child isn’t seen for his strengths.

I can help you.

Seldomly are teachers trained to work with gifted, let alone twice exceptional learners. Whether you’re struggling to engage the 2e student in your classroom, you’re confused by his/her/their behavior, or your frustrated by your inability to connect with your 2e students, Julie can help. Her consultations and trainings provide a deep understanding of the 2e profile, teaches effective strategies you can implement immediately, and helps educators collaborate with parents to bring out the best and raise self confidence in 2e learners.

Choose The Consulting/Service Options That Address Your Needs

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Three engaging Q/A sessions, reflecting the structure of “Gifted & Distractible.” These sessions delve into Julie Skolnick’s Cycle for Success, focusing on Understanding, Strategies, and Advocacy. This format provides an intimate setting to explore each segment of the book thoroughly and how they apply to both parenting and teaching gifted individuals.

“Gifted & Distractible” offers a comprehensive look at the challenges and triumphs of raising and educating gifted children. This book, heralded in its press release as a groundbreaking guide, equips parents and teachers with the knowledge to understand the unique needs of gifted learners, implement effective strategies for engagement, and advocate for their educational journey. It’s an essential resource for those committed to fostering the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children.

Session Details:

Understanding: The first session dives into the complexities of gifted and distractible children, helping participants identify and comprehend the nuances of these unique learners.
Strategies: In the second session, focus shifts to practical and effective methods for engaging and supporting gifted individuals, highlighting tailored educational and parenting approaches.
Advocacy: The final session emphasizes the importance of advocacy, discussing how parents and teachers can communicate effectively to champion the needs of gifted children.

Each meeting is designed to mirror the corresponding part of the book, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of Julie’s Cycle for Success. This structure fosters a deeper connection between the book’s content and the real-life experiences of participants, enhancing the impact of the strategies discussed.

The training will include several breaks and small and large group shares and can include 2 of the following topics per 3.5 hour training

  • What does it mean to be Gifted and Distractible?
  • Executive Functions: Why Gifted and 2e Learners Struggle, and How Strength-Based Instruction Can Help
  • What are best practice strategies for Gifted and Distractible learners?
  • Why is emotion regulation a challenge and how to address those challenges?
  • How to collaboratively advocate between educators and parents.
Workshop Goals:
  • Educate teachers about the unique profile of twice exceptionality. What are the typical behavioral challenges, how do those challenges play out in the classroom and what are best practices to address those challenges?
  • Bring teachers together to share their experiences of what goes right and what goes wrong for “challenging children” in their classrooms.
  • Share best practices from the field while teachers discuss their personal experiences – successes and struggles – to yield a culture of communication that allows for deeper understanding and meaningful support moving forward across classrooms and campuses.

Participants receive resources and hand-outs.

Workshop Goals:

 In this one-hour workshop we will:
  • Learn about the true meaning of giftedness and twice exceptionality (25 minutes)
  • Discuss strategies using Julie’s trademarked acronym P-R-A-I-S-E. (35 minutes)
  • Time for Q&A
  • Receive resources and hand-outs
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In-person or virtually, Julie brings energy and enthusiasm to Conference Keynotes, Teacher Trainings, PTA events or any venue where people want to learn about the Twice Exceptional profile and strategies to bring out the best and raise self-confidence in 2e kids. Attendees often comment on Julie’s passion. Julie can also train your child’s teachers. Share this page with your County’s Professional Development Administrator, Special Education/Gifted Education Programmer, or your school’s Administrator.

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Whether you seek guidance and support regarding a specific 2e learner or 2e learners in general, Julie can work one on one or with groups of educators to identify strategies and best practices for working with gifted and 2e students. Providing on call availability for phone or email consultations, allows educators to reach out with specific questions or ongoing support. 

To learn more about this service please email support@withunderstandingcomescalm.com

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In-person or virtually, Julie brings energy and enthusiasm to Conference Keynotes, Teacher Trainings, PTA events or any venue where people want to learn about the Twice Exceptional profile and strategies to bring out the best and raise self-confidence in 2e kids.

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