I help 2e adults thrive.

Are you a 2e adult searching for fulfillment in your personal and/or professional life? Are you looking for deeper connections and meaningful work? The first step is understanding what is important to you. We'll go through a process of self discovery and create an Action Plan for you to stop searching and start finding fulfillment.


Do your relationships

  • Leave you feeling unfulfilled?
  • Make you feel misunderstood?
  • Cause you to experience intense reactions (positive or negative)?

Does your partner

  • Question your sensitivities?
  • Not understand your needs?
  • Consider you emotionally intense?

Do you wish

  • You could regulate your intense reactions?
  • You could connect easier?
  • There was more joy in your life and in your relationships?
  • You could make your partner happier?


As a gifted and 2e adult, you know that professional and social fulfillment are often hard to find. Because you don’t suffer fools and you prefer meaningful conversation to polite banter, oftentimes you feel out of place in professional and social settings. In your work life you may excel at some projects or assignments and find it nearly impossible to initiate others. Your uneven ability to perform leaves colleagues stumped and you find yourself in a defensive position.

With personal relationships – romantic, friendly or family, you often find yourself frustrated or unfulfilled. You wonder if there is something wrong with you or why it’s so hard to relate sometimes. Our work together focuses on understanding why you feel the way you do, what your positive and negative triggers are, and how to maximize fulfillment. What we discover about your inherent self and how to tap into your gifts allows you to engage in the workplace and socially as an inherent part of the process, rather than as an outsider.

I can help you.

My deep understanding of gifted and distractible individuals allows me to connect with adult clients in a holistic and transformative way. Clients experience relief in gaining understanding of their own gifted profile. I explain perfectionism, intensity, and sensitivities for my clients and highlight strengths and gifts. Learn strategies for success at home – with partners and children, in the workplace, and with other adults. Gain invaluable tools for finding and maintaining joy and fulfillment.

Meet with me for individualized consultations in person or virtually. 

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