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Services for Gifted and 2e Adults

Do your relationships

  • leave you feeling unfulfilled?
  • make you feel misunderstood?
  • cause you to experience intense reactions (positive or negative)?

Does your partner

  • question your sensitivities?
  • not understand your needs?
  • consider you emotionally intense?

Do you wish

  • you could regulate your intense reactions?
  • you could connect easier?
  • there was more joy in your life and your relationships?
  • you could make your partner happier?

Julie guided me through the very personal implications of being gifted including over-excitability, a desire to positively impact the world and other life peculiarities that previously seemed odd…with Julie’s vast personal, familial and scholarly knowledge of giftedness she provided a framework for me where I could view these in a non-judgmental way and understand that there “oddities” are actually normal for gifted people.

Individualized Ongoing Consultations

Julie’s deep understanding of gifted and distractible individuals allows her to connect with adult clients in a holistic and transformative way.  Clients experience relief in  gaining understanding of their own gifted profile.  Julie explains perfectionism, intensity, and sensitivities for her clients and highlights strengths and gifts. Learn strategies for success at home – with partners and children, in the workplace, and with other adults. Gain invaluable tools for finding and maintaining  joy and fulfillment.

Meet with Julie in person, via skype or phone sessions.  Contact Julie for more information.

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