Podcast Appearances

I love when colleagues invite me on their podcasts! Just like our kids need their tribe, we need ours! Talking with fellow experts in the field is fulfilling and fun. We discuss important topics relevant to the 2e community and always have a passionate back and forth. I always include strategies so the audience has actionable take-aways.

Podcast Appearances

Gifted and Distractible with Julie Skolnick

The Gifted Ed Podcast

Gifted and Distractible: Bringing Out the Best in 2e Children and Adults 

 Vision Beyond Sight

Understanding, Supporting, and Advocating for Your 2e Twice Exceptional Child

The Neurodiversity Podcast

Navigating ADHD School Stress: Julie Skolnick’s ON Practical Strategies for Success for Gifted and Distractible Kids

Motherhood Unstressed

Gifted and Distractible: Understanding, Supporting & Advocating for your Twice Exceptional (inner) Child

Gifted Unleashed

How Online Improv Helps Gifted/2e People

The Creative Mind

Gifted and Distractible with Julie Skolnick, MA, JD

ADHD Essentials

Top 10 Strategies for Successful Communication Between Parents and Educators of 2e Students

More Than Words: Treating the Whole Child

Gifted and Distractible with Julie Skolnick, MA, JD

NeuroAwesome Life

Myths, Barriers, and Supports for Twice-Exceptionality

Neurodiversity Podcast

The Inspiration Behind Gifted & Distractible

Penguin Random House – This Is The Author

Understanding and Supporting Twice Exceptional Children

Discerning Parenting

Raising Differently Wired Kids

Tilt Parenting with Debbie Reber

2E Kids & Adults: When Easy is Hard and Hard is Easy

Parenting with Impact Podcast

Gifted and Distractible with Julie Skolnick

Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan

Gifted & Distractible – 2e

The Special Ed Strategist Podcast

Want to Help Kids? Help Their Parents

Neurodiversity Podcast

How to Bring Out the Best & Promote Self-Confidence in 2e Students

Writing for Gifted Homeschoolers

With Understanding Comes Calm; supporting our 2E Learners

Senia Happy Hour Podcast with Lori Boll

Crucial Conversations About Cognitive Diversity

The 1st Ever 2e Adults’ Conference! Meet Julie Skolnick

Creating Agency (and getting your kids to tidy their room) with Julie Skolnick

Our Gifted Kids Podcast

TPP 130: Julie Skolnick of With Understanding Comes Calm on Advocating for 2e Kids

Tilt Parenting with Debbie Reber

Understanding Twice Exceptional Children (2E) and Helping Them Thrive – with Julie Skolnick

The Dyslexia Quest Podcast with Elisheva Schwartz

AURORA REMEMBER 101: With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick

Embracing Intensity Podcast

Someone Gets Me Podcast – Diversify Your Life Portfolio – An Interview with Julie Skolnick

Someone Gets Me with Dianne A. Allen

137: Perfectionism with Julie Skolnick (Professional Series)

The Learn Smarter Podcast with Stephanie Pitts & Rachel Kapp

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If you’d like me to appear on your favorite podcast (or if you are reading this and host your own podcast) shoot me an email using this form, or make an introduction.