I empower parents to help their 2e kids.

Parenting gifted and distractible children is challenging on many levels. Through the lenses of giftedness and learning differences, I will help you understand your child’s perplexing behaviors, complex feelings and intensity. We will discuss how to deepen your connection, how to respond rather than react and how to go from frustrated to fulfilled.


Have you ever wondered if or how you should talk to your child or student about what it means to be gifted or twice exceptional?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words, but we know that self-awareness helps the 2e child understand how and why the world affects him in the way that it does. 

In this video, I share a script for you to follow or watch with your gifted/2e kiddos.

“I showed my son the video. He was mesmerized.  I think he felt that someone understood him. Thank you so much!!” – Cheryl

Are you parenting a child who

  • Engages in power struggles with you, even over simple requests?
  • Melts down frequently?
  • Has an enormous vocabulary?
  • Bombards you with questions?
  • Is self critical?
  • Has trouble relating to peers?


Does your child

  • Challenge rules because he has “a better way?”
  • Seem overly sensitive to criticism?
  • Worry about trying new things?
  • Resist completing or turning in work unless it is “perfect?”
  • Complain that he is bored in school?
  • Struggle to complete tasks like homework and chores?


Do teachers and other adults

  • Pay more attention to your child’s behavior than intellect?
  • React to your child in a negative way?
  • Describe your child as hyper?

Here's how I can help


Parenting gifted and distractible children is often challenging. Friends and family may not understand your situation or your child’s needs. People around you, including yourself and your spouse, may question your child’s behavior and your parenting style. You are often perplexed by your child’s behavior, attitude or feelings they express. The One-to-One service is a powerful way to fully understand challenges and implement solutions unique to your family situation.

The One-to-One service is a powerful way to fully understand challenges and implement solutions unique to your family situation.

  • A process of three or four in-person or video meetings.
  • Each meeting is two hours
  • Includes review of documents, written feedback, and plans.

Session 1
Intake and Education: What is perplexing for you? When does challenging behavior occur? Learn what triggers challenging behavior? Gain understanding of the twice exceptional experience.

Session 2
Durable Strategies: Learn how to implement strategies to deepen relationships and change behaviors. Gain perspective on parenting patterns and adjustments to fit your child’s needs. Our methods always include a strengths-based approach and positive reframing to focus on your child’s gifts.

Session 3
Implementation Plan and Advocacy Training: We take into account the environment and potential triggers when crafting our plan. With a goal of collaborating with stakeholders and gaining your child’s buy in, parents and children gain tools to work successfully with educators and professionals.

For parents who completed our One-to-One Service or Partnership Plan and desire ongoing support on an hourly basis.

With the Troubleshooting Retainer, parents know they can pick up the phone or email us at any time and we’ll have a current understanding of their child’s, and family’s situation and needs.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly Consulting for families in emergencies, or who already have a deep understanding of the 2e profile. This service allows clients to bring their concerns to the table to gain immediate strategies and guidance on how to address specific issues. We process what you as a parent are going through in supporting your children.

Support provided for specific situations or challenges may include:

  • Overall family system issues, specific challenging behaviors, specific challenging relationships
  • School Accommodations
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Emergent situations
  • Strategy role play
  • Change of circumstances
  • Quarterbacking multiple professional consultants
  • Organization
  • Educational planning
  • Addressing specific school issues
  • Addressing specific school challenges
  • School meetings
  • School correspondence
  • Advocacy
  • Plan and preparation for specific challenging situations
  • Professional referrals

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Our process

In order to achieve our goals of empowered parents and successful children, we implement a three meeting process:

1 — Understanding

With understanding comes calm. Through a lens of giftedness and learning differences, I will help you understand your child’s perplexing behaviors, complicated feelings and challenging attitudes, as well as negative responses from others toward your child.

Giftedness and distractibility are often accompanied by intensities; sensitivity, anxiety, anger, boredom, frustration and immense energy. These BIG feelings in turn can cause outlier behaviors that prohibit our children from succeeding in mainstream settings. Unless and until the adults in charge understand why our children behave the way they do, our children are often alienated, punished, disciplined or shunned.

2 — Strategies

Understanding why your child reacts, behaves and feels the way he does, allows us to calmly create strategies to redirect or diffuse behavior. New tools in your toolbox allow you to respond rather than react to your child and help him individuate and become independent.

How will these strategies actually happen at home, in the classroom and out in the world? In order to implement the strategies, we need a comprehensive plan that takes into account the factors where these strategies are utilized. Who is in charge? What contributes to the ease or challenge with which these strategies are used? How do we engage your child so he willingly participates in these strategies?

3 — Implement/Advocate

The success of implementation is planning ahead. Get buy-in from your child and her teacher. Decide what needs to be in place to redirect behavior or fulfill your child’s needs.

Along with an implementation plan, we advise parents on how to advocate with necessary professionals: teachers, administrators, coaches and others so parents create a mutually supportive team without creating a defensive atmosphere. The goal is to form a partnership where parents and professionals gain mutual benefits from sharing information, techniques, and have a respectful back and forth about the best way to help your child thrive.

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