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Services for Parents of 2e children

Are you parenting a child who

  • engages in power struggles with you, even over simple requests?
  • melts down frequently?
  • has an enormous vocabulary?
  • bombards you with questions?
  • is self critical?
  • has trouble relating to peers?

Does your child

  • challenge rules because he has “a better way?”
  • seem overly sensitive to criticism?
  • worry about trying new things?
  • resist completing or turning in work unless it is “perfect?”
  • complain that he is bored in school?
  • struggle to complete tasks like homework and chores?

Do teachers and other adults

  • pay more attention to your child’s behavior than intellect?
  • react to your child in a negative way?
  • describe your child as hyper?

During our time with Julie, I watched a lightbulb go off in my husband’s mind as we gained insight and knowledge from Julie’s personal and professional experiences. Her advice was practical, tangible and beyond helpful in supporting our gifted sons. All of our lives have been happier ever since.

Julie’s constructive suggestions, and ability to reframe challenging moments in a way that leaves both kids and adults alike with greater self awareness and understanding, have been invaluable.


Parenting Gifted and Distractible Children is often challenging. Friends and family may not understand your situation or your child’s needs. People around you, including yourself and your spouse, may question your child’s behavior and your parenting style. You are often perplexed by your child’s behavior, attitude or feelings they express. The One-to-One service is a powerful way to fully understand challenges and implement solutions unique to your family situation.

  • A process of three in-person, skype or call meetings.
  • Each meeting is two hours
  • Includes review of documents, written feedback, and plans.
Session 1
Intake and Education
Why do challenging behaviors occur?
Session 2
Durable Strategies
How can we durably address challenges while maintaining a strengths-based perspective and positive reframe?
Session 3
Implementation Plan and Advocacy Training
Taking into account environment and potential triggers, when do we implement our strategies in order to get the child’s buy in? Advocacy training during this session gives parents tools to create collaborative relationships with professionals and educators.

Partnership Plan

Our One-to-One Service plus three hours of direct advocacy assistance, for a total of nine teaching and consulting hours.

By depersonalizing the communication and advocacy process parents gain traction and rebuild communication lines.

The Partnership Plan includes in-person attendance at IEP meetings, parent/teacher conferences, guidance or social worker meetings, telephone calls, drafting letters or emails and interacting directly with professionals and staff with parents, or on their behalf. Everyone succeeds when they know their own strengths. If advocating is tough for parents or something they don’t enjoy, we step in without emotion but absolutely with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Troubleshooting Retainer

For parents who completed our One-to-One Service or Partnership Plan and desire ongoing support on an hourly basis.

With the Trouble Shooting Retainer, parents know they can pick up the phone or email us at any time and we’ll have a current understanding of their child’s, and family’s situation and needs.


For parents who prefer support on an hourly basis rather than the structure of our One-to-One or Partnership Plan Packages.

Bring your concerns, questions, challenges and needs to hourly consulting sessions where we process what you as a parent are going through in supporting your children.

Support provided for specific situations or challenges may include:

  • Education about giftedness and twice exceptionality
  • Strategies for at home success
  • Strategies for in school success
  • Advocacy training
  • Advice for interactions with school staff and administrators
  • IEP support
  • Assistance with school and professional correspondence
  • Information and advice on school searches
  • Review of testing results
  • Professional referrals


What Parents Are Saying

My child continues to amaze me with his divergent thoughts and behavior. I’m thankful that I can just enjoy him now and not be so worried. I have you to thank for that.

Julie, you are my savior! This is the kind of help I was so desperately needing. It is so hard to think objectively when strong emotions are in the middle.

Thank you Julie! We always feel a sense of calm and also, more confident, after speaking with you.

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