Speaking Events

Speaking before an audience – big or small – is something I love to do! Whether I’m keynoting at a national or international conference, presenting to a small group of parents, or training teachers, my goals are to educate and inspire. Check out my recent and future talks here and head over to my speaking page for more information on topics and to schedule an event for your school or organization.

Upcoming Speaking Appearances:

Gifted and Distractible: Understanding and Addressing 2e Learners’ Needs

Gifted & ADHD; What it Means and What To Do For Twice Exceptional Children and Student

Understanding and Addressing Emotional Dysregulation in Twice Exceptional Children

Executive Functions, Transitions and 2e

Past Speaking Appearances:

Top 10 Strategies for Successful Communication Between Educators and Parents

Parents Who are 2e Parent Differently – and that’s OK!

How to Positively Reframe ADHD and Help Kids Get Things Done

Why Regulating Emotions is Challenging for Gifted and 2e Learners and What to Do

Cycle for Success: Bringing out the Best and Raising Self Confidence in 2e Learners

Gifted & ADHD; What it Means and What To Do For Twice Exceptional Children and Students

Cycle for Success: Teaching and Parenting 2e

Understanding and Addressing Emotion Regulation

Understanding and Addressing Emotion Regulation in Gifted and Twice Exceptional Students

How To Better Advocate For Yourself And Connect With Others In The Neurodivergent Community

Why Gifted & 2e Learners Struggle with Executive Function Skills & What to Do About It 

Helping 2e Kids Regulate Emotions

Keynote Presentation

Expert Series Interview with Julie Skolnick, 2e Activist

Parent Teacher Communication

Cycle for Success: Parenting and Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners

Speaker at Gifted Home Education Conference

Executive Function for 2e Students

The What, Why and How of Executive Functioning for Gifted and 2e Students

Past Speaking Appearances:

  • William & Mary Twice Exceptional Conference
  • MEGS – Maryland Educators of Gifted Students
  • Anne Arundel County Teachers and Parents
  • Calvert County Teachers and Parents
  • Let’s Talk 2e Conferences
  • 2 Days of 2e Conferences
  • SENG – Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  • Bridges Academy 2e Summit
  • CHADD – Children and Adults with ADHD Conference
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Association
  • Yachad – serving Jewish individuals with Disabilities
  • Colorado Assn for Gifted and Talented
  • BG-NOS – Clinician and Educator Professional Association
  • ADDiva Parent Palooza
  • ADDiva Women’s Palooza
  • TEFOS – The Executive Functioning Online Summit
  • Maryland Supervisors for Gifted and Talented
  • 2e Center for Professional Development – Study with the Masters
  • First Championships Robotics Competition
  • Ashkelon Gifted Center, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Breakthroughs in 2e Education
  • Chesapeake ADHD Center
  • Diamonds in the Rough Conference
  • Johns Hopkins Graduate School
  • Impact Parents
  • Common Ground
  • Special Kids International Summit
  • Anne Arundel Community Public Schools

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