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Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D. and Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC brings you the Let’s Talk 2e Community. This isn’t your typical support group. Our “Parent Empowerment Groups” yield growth and change through a mix of education on critical topics for understanding the twice exceptional profile, and community-based camaraderie with a global group of like-minded and like-situated parents.

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Hear Your Personal Invitation From Julie...

Community is a direct path toward joy.

We know it’s complex to parent gifted and twice exceptional children. 

We also know, just like our kids, parents of 2e children have a hard time finding peers who ‘get it.’

Wouldn’t you love to sit down with parents who understand what you are going through?

The Let’s Talk 2e Parent Empowerment Group brings together parents from all over the world for four awesome weeks where we:

  • Deeply dive into understanding the complexity of 2e
  • Connect over personal experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Provide and receive much needed support and fellowship

Upcoming 4-Week Series

Future Dates: 4 Consecutive Tuesdays
July 18th - August 8th, 2023 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

Do you find yourself begging, cajoling, bribing, punishing in an attempt to get your child to get out the door or up to bed? You’re not alone! This is a frequent challenge for parents of 2e kids. Why can your child engage in complex thinking but can’t seem to remember to brush his/her/their teeth? We’ll talk about structuring nighttime and morning routines and you’ll have a chance to talk with fellow parents to learn about what works and what doesn’t for them.

2e kids need a break. They often feel misunderstood and are frustrated by their uneven development. Screens are a great way to hijack their brains and give them a rest – OR ARE THEY?! This session will address ways to talk to your child about screentime and how to structure screentime.

Why does it seem like emotion dysregulation is a characteristic of the 2e profile? We’ll discuss what leads to emotion dysregulation and how to “tame the flame.”

2e parents are on a constant prowl for excellent resources and enrichment opportunities. 2e parents are frequently incredible researchers and resilient in the face of searching for needles in haystacks. We’ll come together and share resources.

Committed to the idea that With Understanding Comes Calmeach session includes an informative presentation and discussion, as well as intimate breakout rooms to support one another.

We are excited to bring new understanding to you and your family and to provide strategies you can implement today.

Our expert guests will join us as we navigate what it’s like to parent a 2e child in today’s world.

Mark Talaga

Screentime and Gaming

Many parents struggle with the role video games and screens have in the lives of their gifted/2E children. Come learn about the connection between video games and gifted/2E neurology and what we can do when gaming becomes a problem.

Mark Talaga has been counseling gifted individuals for over 10 years and is the owner and director of the Center for Identity Potential.  Mark’s experience with gifted counseling began in 2012 under the mentorship of Andy Mahoney, a pioneer and expert in the field of counseling the gifted.

Mark is a former video game professional who utilizes his knowledge of gaming and technology to create a strong relationship with many of the kids with whom he works. 

Through his own personal struggle with executive functioning, validating his giftedness, and finding purpose and meaning in this world, Mark has developed an expertise in the education and skills necessary to help gifted children activate their potential and live more authentic, fulfilling lives.

Sam Young

Enrichment Support for 2e Kids

2e kids are facing a colossal problem, and there is only one answer. Our students have tremendous interests, potential, and strengths, yet they often seem to flounder in most educational settings. WHY?! The problem has a name- “deficit-based education.” The answer? You’ll have to come to talk to discover that one. You won’t want to miss this!

Sam Young, MEd, or Mr. Sam, as his community members call him, is the founder and director of Young Scholars Academy, which is a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment school that supports twice-exceptional, differently-wired, and gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck through strength-based courses, camps, and community!

Sam is a two-time Fulbright Scholar, a former Bridges Academy educator of nearly 10 years, and a Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity graduate.  He is a neurodivergent person himself and has committed his life to supporting neurodivergent students to discover, develop, and lead with their strengths, talents, and unique interests.

Parent Empowerment Groups meet via a unique Zoom room link. To keep the meetings as intimate and personal as possible space is limited.  Sign up today to ensure your spot.

Each live-webinar education session includes a recording for community members. We always have time for questions and discussion following the education presentation.

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“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

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If you miss a meeting - DON’T WORRY! We’ve got you covered. As a member you’ll receive a recording of each session (but not the break out rooms - what happens in the break out rooms stays in the break out rooms!) AND, this way you get to re-watch awesome content on-demand.

The 2e Parent Toolbox

Inside, you’ll find some signature strategies for parents, educators and 2e adults to better understand the 2e profile and learn particularly impactful strategies.

Let's Talk 2e — Parents Facebook Group

Meet a wider group of like-minded parents to add another layer of connection and a place to gather information and share successes and struggles. Join this group now.

Expert Resources

Our curated Expert Resources for Parents

Parenting Tips Downloads

Wondering what to do during a meltdown? Trying to figure out how to structure responsibilities and set expectations? These Parenting Tip PDFs will help!

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Community members receive $70 off any conference in our library during their six-week community membership. Since our conferences are always on-demand, members can use their discount during their membership and watch the conference any time. We like to say, "Watch WHAT you want, WHEN you want."

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Let's Talk 2e! Parent Empowerment Group
Let's Talk 2e! Parent Empowerment Group

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Upcoming 6-Week Series

February 8th to March 15th. All meetings are from 12 PM to 1 PM EASTERN U.S. on Tuesdays.

Week 1: Getting to know you: Addressing Loneliness for Ourselves and our 2e Children
Week 2: Ask the Expert / Open Forum - bring your questions and concerns
Week 3: Emotion Regulation
Week 4: Community Building - bring your questions and concerns!
Week 5: Discipline vs. Punishment (practical application of Emotion Regulation)
Week 6: Community Building

Current 9-Week Series

June 29th to August 31st (no meeting Aug 3rd) All meetings are from 12 PM to 1 PM EASTERN U.S. on Tuesdays.

Week 1: Getting to Know You: Building Trust and Understanding
Week 2: Community Building
Week 3: Executive Functioning - What it is and how to get some
Week 4: Conversation with Dan Peters, Ph.D., Addressing Anxiety in 2e Kids
Week 5: Community Building
Week 6: Perfectionism - What to do for your kids and yourself
Week 7: Community Building
Week 8: Social Emotional Needs and Communication
Week 9: Community Building

We are excited to bring new understanding to you and your family and to provide strategies you can implement today.

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

Future 9-Week Series

Dates to be determined.

Week 1: Getting to Know You: Making Connections
Week 2: Community Building
Week 3: Recognizing and Adjusting for Intensities/Overexcitabilities
Week 4: Community Building
Week 5: Motivation and Underachievement
Week 6: Community Building
Week 7: Advocacy - What to do as school is coming to an end to prepare for next year
Week 8: Community Building
**Bonus 2 Experts (2e!): Conversation with Ed Amend, Psy.D., Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses in Gifted and 2e Learners