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Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D. and Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC brings you the Let’s Talk 2e Community. This isn’t your typical support group. Our “Parent Empowerment Groups” yield growth and change through a mix of education on critical topics for understanding the twice exceptional profile, and community-based camaraderie with a global group of like-minded and like-situated parents.

what you get

Your Let's Talk 2e Community includes:

Virtual Parent Empowerment Group

Committed to the idea that With Understanding Comes Calm, each nine-week series includes Four 60-minute Live-Webinar Education Sessions led by Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., addressing specific issues that are typically challenging for parenting twice exceptional children.

In addition, Julie facilitates Four 60-minute Community-Building Sessions where members are invited to share their struggles and successes with one another, pose questions and provide support to one another.

A Bonus Session with an Invited Expert includes a discussion and Q&A opportunity in the expert’s specific area of interest.

Parent Empowerment Groups meet via a password protected Zoom room from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EASTERN U.S. on Tuesdays.

Each live-webinar education session includes a recording for community members. We always have time for questions and discussion following the education presentation.

Nine-week block + 2e Expert Bonus session:

$225 inaugural price $147 (That’s just a little over $16 per week!)


Current 9-Week Series

June 29th to August 31st (no meeting Aug 3rd) All meetings are from 12 PM to 1 PM EASTERN U.S. on Tuesdays.

Week 1: Getting to Know You: Building Trust and Understanding
Week 2: Community Building
Week 3: Executive Functioning - What it is and how to get some
Week 4: Conversation with Dan Peters, Ph.D., Addressing Anxiety in 2e Kids
Week 5: Community Building
Week 6: Perfectionism - What to do for your kids and yourself
Week 7: Community Building
Week 8: Social Emotional Needs and Communication
Week 9: Community Building

Future 9-Week Series

Dates to be determined

Week 1: Getting to know you: Addressing Loneliness for Ourselves and our 2e Children
Week 2: Community Building - bring your questions and concerns!
Week 3: Emotion Regulation
Week 4: Community Building - bring your questions and concerns!
Week 5: Discipline vs. Punishment
Week 6: Community Building
Week 7: Addressing Screen Time
Week 8: Community Building
**Bonus 2 Experts (2e!): Conversation with Susan Baum, Ph.D., The Importance of Talent Development and a Strength-Based Approach

Future 9-Week Series

Dates to be determined.

Week 1: Getting to Know You: Making Connections
Week 2: Community Building
Week 3: Recognizing and Adjusting for Intensities/Overexcitabilities
Week 4: Community Building
Week 5: Motivation and Underachievement
Week 6: Community Building
Week 7: Advocacy - What to do as school is coming to an end to prepare for next year
Week 8: Community Building
**Bonus 2 Experts (2e!): Conversation with Ed Amend, Psy.D., Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses in Gifted and 2e Learners

We are excited to bring new understanding to you and your family and to provide strategies you can implement today.

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

Chico Xavier

Extras included with your Let’s Talk 2e Community:

10% off Let's Talk 2e Conferences

Community members receive 10% off any conference in our library during their nine-week community membership. Since our conferences are always on-demand, members can use their discount during their membership and watch the conference any time. We like to say, "Watch WHAT you want, WHEN you want."

Webinar: Cycle for Success: Parenting & Teaching Twice Exceptional Children ($50 Value)

In this keynote address from the Let's Talk 2e Virtual Conference, Julie takes you on a deep dive into what it means to be gifted and twice exceptional. The webinar includes an assessment of characteristics, provides detailed strategies and advocacy tools for parents and teachers of 2e children.

Let's Talk 2e — Parents Facebook Group

This group launched with our on-demand Let’s Talk 2e Virtual Parent Conference. It continues to grow and includes parents from around the world. This is another layer of connection and a place to gather information and share successes and struggles.

Parenting Tips Downloads

Wondering what to do during a meltdown? Trying to figure out how to structure responsibilities and set expectations? These Parenting Tip PDFs will help!

Exhibitor Hall Access

Let's talk 2e Community Members gain access to the Exhibitor Booths in our Let's Talk 2e Conference Exhibitor Hall. Filled with resources in the following categories: Education, Clinicians, Associations, Enrichment and Consultants, members get back-door entry typically reserved only for conference attendees.

Monthly Newsletter

Referred to as “mandatory reading” by professionals and educators for their teams, and anxiously awaited by parents and 2e adults, community members are automatically subscribed to Gifted & Distractible free monthly newsletter including Julie’s monthly blog, articles, events and resources for the 2e community.

Monthly Q&A Emails

During the months of your membership Julie will gladly receive email questions from the Let’s Talk 2e Community and will email the questions anonymously along with detailed answers the last Monday of every month. Members will be reminded regularly where they can email their questions.

Registration is Open!

Register for the June-August Parent Empowerment Group Series today!

Let's Talk 2e! Community
Let's Talk 2e! Community