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Practicing What We Preach: Using Cognitive Flexibility in Understanding 2e

How often do we push, based on our biased perspective, for a 2e child to meet our agenda without really knowing what’s going on? Recognizing efforts and understanding underlying causes are the best practices for eliciting greatness from our 2e kids and peers.

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Adjusting Environments for School Success

Pegs – we hear about them all the time; our 2e children’s school experience is often described as “trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.” I have to be honest; I can’t stand that expression. Why does square have to be negative? Why do we want everyone or anyone...

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See Me! What We Need for Successful Relationships

Our cleaning lady walked in the other day, gave notice and burst into tears. She realized she needs to be home in the afternoons for her two tweens as her eighth-grade son’s doctor informed her that her son suffers from stress and anxiety. My most recent clients,...

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Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

Not every gifted or twice exceptional person is an empath, but every empath has the gift of uncanny perception and an ability to truly experience the feelings of those around them. Just as being “gifted” is a blessing and sometimes a curse, so too is the innate experience of the empath.

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