Gifted Feelings


This article originally appeared in GHFDialogue. You can view it HERE.

This is the eternal balancing act: being grateful for the superpowers we have as gifted humans and practicing self-love, patience, and perspective when our intensities take over our brains and bodies. In the end, it’s my hope that gifted people realize their giftedness as a gift rather than a guillotine.

I love the question posed in this inaugural issue of The GHF Dialogue, “How do gifted people feel about their giftedness?” Any time the words gifted and feeling are in the same sentence, you can practically see the static electricity shooting off the page. Gifted people certainly do have feelings—BIG feelings! If gifted and twice-exceptional (gifted with a learning difference) people don’t understand that their intense emotions are organic to their profile, they tend to travel down a self-critical spiral, wondering why they are so different from others.

You can read the entire post HERE.

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Julie F. Skolnick M.A., J.D.

Julie F. Skolnick M.A., J.D.

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., is the Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC, through which she passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, and collaborates with and advises educators and professionals on bringing out the best and raising self-confidence in their students and clients.

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