Let's Talk 2e!

Tools to Educate and Empower You on Your 2e Journey

You have several options to talk 2e with me, learn, and connect with our community.

Online Conferences

Our virtual conferences for parents, educators, and clinicians teach you how to reach and teach 2e learners — as a conference, not just a conversation. Renowned experts and thought leaders present research-based sessions on topics like: emotional regulation, social thinking, trauma, learning styles, classroom regulation, teaching strategies, and more. Let’s Talk 2e provides durable take-aways and tools you can apply TODAY in your home, classroom or clinical office. Credits available for educators.


Let’s Talk 2e Webinars provide guidance and support on various topics in the 2e field. Browse our library including: “Discipline versus Punishment;” “Communication & Social/Emotional Engagement;” “Perfectionism: How it Affects Us and What To Do About it;” “School Refusal: What it is and What to do.” All Let’s Talk 2e Webinars provide strategies you can apply NOW in your home and classroom.

Videos & Interviews

Watch videos and interviews with experts on topics of interest to parents, educators, and clinicians in the 2e community.


Membership includes: Weekly Q/A private emails; Virtual Parent Empowerment Group; Webinar, “Cycle for Success: Parenting & Teaching 2e Children;” and the free monthly newsletter, “Gifted & Distractible.” This community is free to offer the guidance and support you need.

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