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Once you’ve met one 2e person, you’ve met one 2e person! But there is ONE THING every 2e person has in common; they need resources for their strengths and their struggles. 

Resources found on this page address needs of 2e families, educators, clinicians and 2e adults. Feel free to browse through our 2e Partner listing and learn about their services, products and programs. Links and emails are provided for your convenience in order to send questions directly to the source.


GHF Learners
Address: 78681
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GHF Families are pioneers in homeschooling. Our community started out of the need to create learning environments for our children to thrive. Here we are fifteen years later and we have developed an experienced community that now spans multiple generations. The heart of GHF is the steady influx of new families seeking help. Gifted and 2E families have built an infrastructure for ourselves to be in charge of our lives, to develop our own sense of agency.

GHF’s community is the result of volunteer families collectively working together to develop family agency. Most families were and are reluctant to make these changes. We come together and share resources, seek and receive information, and build the next generation of veteran families that are here to support the newcomers.

Our new generation of families is now learning that educating our children is about choosing from a wide palette of options that start with families taking control. It doesn’t have to mean pulling children totally out of school anymore either unless that is what you want to do. It’s about your choices.

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Young Scholars Academy LA
Address: 1232 15th Street Unit A
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Young Scholars Academy is an online enrichment center that seeks to provide twice-exceptional students with transformative educational experiences that serve to develop their love of learning, personal character, self-awareness, and exceptionalities.
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Young Scholars Academy helps neurodiverse students learn engaging content that aligns with their passions to ignite within them a love for learning. Unlike their current schools, we take a fun approach to education in which learning is built around what students actually care about, not what they “ought” to know.

We offer regular online programming that meets once a week and allows students to delve deeply into complex topics, receive tailored support/differentiation, develop Social-Emotional Learning skills as they connect with peers in our neurodiverse tribe, develop Executive Functioning skills that are cultivated in the context of our strength-based learning, and we HAVE A TON OF FUN WHILE WE'RE AT IT!

Some courses include: Speech and Debate: Powers of Persuasion, Young Entrepreneurs: From Dreaming to Doing, Young Writers: Storytelling Through Pixar, Young Biologists: Creatures of Habitats, 2e AP: AP US History, 2e AP: AP Government and Politics, Young and Thriving: Skills For Life Beyond High School, Young Investors: Crypto and Stock Sim, Talking Like TED: Public Speaking, and Mathlandia: A Quest-based Math Game.

While the course topics and fun teachers are ultimately what entice the kiddos, our parents enjoy having their students work with experts in the field that nest learning-to-learn skills within the content. In other words, our classes are about so much more than what the titles would suggest =)

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+1(424) 835-5324
Bridges Grad School
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Welcome to the Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education.

The only school to offer these degrees:

Doctor of Education in Cognitive Diversity (Ed.D.),
Master’s in Education in Cognitive Diversity (M.Ed.),
Certificate in Twice-Exceptional Education.

Join the inaugural cohort!

Work with exciting faculty members who are scholars, authors, experienced teachers, researchers, and professionals with a respected international reputation in the fields that comprise cognitive diversity.

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Northwest Gifted Child Association
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The Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA) is a support and advocacy organization for parents of gifted children. Organized in 1963 (20 years before the state legislature provided grant money to school districts for gifted education programs), NWGCA provides support and information to parents of gifted children. It continues to help parents enhance and hone their parenting skills. It gives them tools to speak out for an appropriate gifted education and deal with this learning difference we call giftedness.

NWGCA keeps you informed about upcoming events, involved in speaking up for gifted education with policy makers, and linked with other parents and gifted education leaders. NWGCA works with individual families, talking with them by phone and through emails, providing appropriate referrals and resources. No one is more effective at educating educators and policy makers about the traits of giftedness than informed parents. If your child is gifted, or you believe your child is gifted, join our mailing list! ​

Ten Ways NWGCA Makes a Difference

1. Creates the one voice that shapes education policy for high potential learners.
2. Supports the development and programming of local school district parent groups for gifted education.
3. Provides individual guidance to parents who need advice about the educational and emotional needs of their gifted children.
4. Creates a dialogue between the parents of gifted students and their educators.
5. Provides practical parenting tips for nurturing a child’s unique gifts and talents.
6. Links parents with dynamic resources for parenting gifted children.
7. Helps parents articulate their gifted childrens' needs to policy makers and educators by keeping them up-to-date on the most recent gifted education studies.
8. Links parents of gifted with other parents, so they can learn from one another.
9. Supports the development of parent leaders.
10. Hosts at least two regional parent education events each year.

Join our mailing list at www.nwgca.org
Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nwgca
Find us on Twitter at #nwgca


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Seed Starter Educational Consulting
Address: 70032
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Welcome to Seed Starter!

I hope this virtual exhibit shares helpful and relevant information about my practice. If you would like additional information please email me (heidi@theseedstarter.com) and I will send you a more detailed document. Educating 2e children is a marathon and I’m delighted to run by your side. Warm regards,

Seed Starter is the only educational consulting firm in the world that specializes in boarding school and therapeutic placement for gifted and twice-exceptional students. We succeed in assisting families to determine which schools, programs, or other options out of the hundreds available are a good fit for their gifted or 2E children through extensive research, networking with colleagues and related professionals, on-site touring and ongoing communication with families and school/program personnel.

Heidi tours over 50+ boarding schools and therapeutic programs each year, placing her among the most highly traveled consultants in the country. She also connects these schools and programs with experts in the gifted field to increase their understanding of this unique population.

For more information about Seed Starter and to follow Heidi’s reports on school visits, please view our Facebook page. We do not use a website.

View our social media pages to see photos, school/program visit notes, conference updates and to learn more about Heidi’s background and publications

Business Phone Number:
(504) 352-1249
Smart is not Easy
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Austina De Bonte is the owner of Smart is not Easy, LLC, which provides consulting for school administrators, professional development for educators, and parent coaching. Since 2012, Austina has also served as the President of the Northwest Gifted Child Association (www.nwgca.org), the Washington State support and advocacy non-profit for families with gifted children. A dynamic and engaging presenter, Austina speaks regularly at conferences, as well as conducts parent education talks and professional development workshops for educators about the unique social and emotional development of highly capable (HiCap) or “gifted” children. She also works with school district teams to develop and fine-tune their HiCap program models, especially concerning equitable identification strategies. Austina's signature style combines her experience as a parent and parent coach along with synthesized research, current district practices across Washington State, and cutting edge neuroscience. She is an advocate who is passionate about the unique social and emotional development of highly capable (HiCap) students, and the problems that can result when students are not properly identified and served. Austina has a Masters degree from MIT, and did her thesis work in the MIT Media Lab's Epistemology and Learning Group, where Lego Mindstorms was invented. Austina is a certified SENG Model Parent Group facilitator. Contact Austina at austina@smartisnoteasy.com

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Address: 3651 Lindell Rd. Suite D692 Las Vegas, Nevada
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thinkLaw helps educators teach critical thinking to all students through standards-aligned lessons based on real-life legal cases.

Our comprehensive program of teacher tools, student guides, and virtual coaching is based on real-­life cases because the law’s Socratic questioning methods make it easy for teachers to ask the questions that build student critical thinking skills.

thinkLaw gives under­-resourced schools with time-­strapped teachers all they need to facilitate critical thinking through engaging discussions, writing assignments, and other learning activities with under 1 hour of initial training and less than 20 minutes of prep time per lesson.

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(702) 318-7512

For more information, reach out to VictoriaRose@WithUnderstandingComesCalm.com.