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Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D. and Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC is excited to bring you the FIRST EVER Empowerment Group for 2e Adults! This is not your typical support group.

If you are looking for a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SELF, a way to make MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS with others, and to learn TOOLS TO EMPOWER YOU, this group is for you! 

what you get

Your Empowerment Group for 2e Adults includes:

Hear Your Personal Invitation From Julie...

The Empowerment Group for 2e Adults brings together twice exceptional adults from all over the world for six awesome weeks where we:

  • Learn about being 2e
  • Connect over personal experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Provide and receive much needed camaraderie and fellowship
  • Gain tools to EMPOWER you
 You will LEARN and LAUGH with LIKE-MINDED 2e adults as you join me and my guest experts over six consecutive weeks

Upcoming 6-Week Series

Future Dates: 6 Consecutive Tuesdays
January 31st - March 7th, 2023 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM EST

Week 1: Introductions and “2e: Myths and Misunderstandings” with Julie Skolnick
Week 2:
You need a break! Breakout room madness - spending meaningful time together
Week 3:
Love stinks (or does it?) - spending Valentine’s day with Dr. Matt Zakreski
Week 4:
Dr. Maggie Brown “Crafting an Exceptional Life that Works”
Week 5:
"Filling Your Toolbox" - we’ll discuss your Adult 2e Toolbox (One of Your Free Perks!)
Week 6:
Improv with Gordon Smith - Leaving you with laughter

We are excited to bring new understanding and community to you and to provide strategies you can implement today.

This six-week series is dedicated to helping you gain self-awareness so you can live a more joyful life. 

Three expert guests join us as we navigate what it’s like to be a 2e adult in today’s world.

Matt Zakreski, Psy.D.

Love stinks (or does it?)

Dr. Matt Zakreski brings his high energy and eclectic approach to our group. In his expert session, he will help answer the following questions:

1. Why is it hard for 2e adults to find meaningful connections?
2. Can we reframe loneliness for 2e people? i.e. make the most of being with your own brain
3. What are ways 2e adults can increase their chance of meeting like-minded adults?

Matthew “Dr. Matt” Zakreski, PsyD is a high energy, creative clinical psychologist who utilizes an eclectic approach to meet the specific needs of his neurodiverse clients. He is proud to serve as a consultant to schools, a professor, and a researcher on Giftedness. He has spoken over 200 times all over the world about supporting neurodivergent kids. Dr. Zakreski is a member of Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC), and Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE). Dr. Zakreski graduated from Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (IGCP) in 2016. He is the co-founder and lead clinician at The Neurodiversity Collective and his website is

Maggie Brown, Ph.D.

Crafting an Exceptional Life that Works

Dr. Maggie Brown brings her empowerment skills all the way from New Zealand to our group! She’ll introduce words and ideas that shift thinking from “problems, obstacles and ME,” to alternatives, considerations and social transformation = WE! There will be plenty of time to reflect and discuss as you learn to develop your own path forward.

Dr. Maggie Brown is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and psychology researcher, working with gifted, multiple-exceptional, creative and ‘otherwise – out- of- the – box” adults, and their allies. With over three decades working with clients from around the globe, Maggie draws from a huge experience-base, offering real-world examples that resonate with audiences. She presents internationally, and is well known for her research and publications. She also identifies as being ‘out – of – the – box’ herself, and (apples not falling far from the tree) has raised a wonderfully unusual son.

Gordon Smith

Improv - leaving you with laughter

Join Gordon Smith from Gifted and Growing, a licensed counselor, coach, and improv guru! Everyone who’s willing will get to play improv games while we all laugh and connect. Interesting observations and a-ha moments may arise! The culture of Improv is build on “Yes, And” and “Got Your Back” – These mean that there are no mistakes – whatever you bring will be received, accepted, and built upon in an atmosphere of mutual support. We will spark your creativity and put a smile on your face whether you’re a volunteer or an observer!

Raised in the suburban wilds of central Florida, my service ethic led me from Warren Wilson College (English major, Appalachian Studies minor) to two years of community reconciliation work in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

From there, I continued a trajectory toward a career in service. In 2001, I graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Community Counseling, and I’ve been a practicing counselor ever since. Since 2016, my entire practice has been focused exclusively on work with gifted adolescents and adults.

In addition to working with clients, I also served for eight years as an elected official on the City Council of Asheville, North Carolina while also serving on numerous other boards in the community.

When COVID hit, I researched ways to build intimacy online in effective ways and stumbled into improv comedy. Through working with instructors at Second City Comedy and the Improv Therapy Group, I have come to understand the power of it, especially for gifted people. Now, I’m an instructor, player, and Improv Group Advisory Board Member, ‘Yes, and-ing’ my way to greater spontaneity, community, and ease.

I live in the Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. When I’m not working with clients or planning improv games, I play chess and disc golf. I write poetry and throw parties. I plant gardens and will soon get my welding certificate. Life is a banquet, and I am grateful to have a seat at the table and place in the kitchen.

Your Empowerment Group meets via a unique Zoom room link.  To keep the meetings as personal as possible, space is limited.  Sign up today to ensure your spot.

Each session includes a recording for Empowerment Group members so you won’t miss a thing and can re-watch your favorites. 

Six Tuesdays; January 31, February 7, February 14, February 21, February 28, and March 7.

Membership includes exclusive perks

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

Membership Perks included with your Let’s Talk 2e Community:

Replays Available

If you miss a meeting - DON’T WORRY! We’ve got you covered. As a member you’ll receive a recording of each session (but not the break out rooms - what happens in the break out rooms stays in the break out rooms!) AND, this way you get to re-watch awesome content on-demand.

The 2e Adult Toolbox

Inside, you’ll find resources designed to help you: 1. Understand your 2e profile from a strengths-based approach 2. Discover your strengths and passions 3. Navigate friendships, life, and emotions as a 2e adult

$70 off Let's Talk 2e Conferences

Community members receive $70 off any conference in our library during their six-week community membership. Since our conferences are always on-demand, members can use their discount during their membership and watch the conference any time. We like to say, "Watch WHAT you want, WHEN you want."

Expert Resources

1. Your copy to keep of Dr. Maggie Brown’s Relation Needs Workbook
2. Valentine’s Day Personalized slide deck from Dr. Matt

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Let's Talk 2e! Adult Empowerment Group
Let's Talk 2e! Adult Empowerment Group

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