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Looking for guidance to support the twice-exceptional loved ones in your life? You’ve come to the right place.

twice-exceptional (2e)

twice ex·cep·tion·al
\ ˈtwīs ik-ˈsep-shnəl \

a person who is identified as gifted with learning differences: 2e, neurodiverse

Join me on a journey of discovery toward impactful and empathetic parenting for kids of all ages — preschool to teens. We work together to help you gain perspective on what it’s like for your child to be Twice Exceptional. You’ll learn strategies tailored to your situation, and practice collaborative advocacy skills you can use now at home, in school, and anywhere your child trips up or is misunderstood.

Add innovative tools to your teacher toolbox with interactive and motivational training. Learn strategies for preschool through high school on topics such as: social emotional learning, classroom regulation, executive functioning, building resilience, underachievement and motivation, perfectionism, anxiety, accommodations and forging personal connections.

Find fulfillment in personal and professional relationships. Being gifted or twice exceptional brings a certain kind of loneliness. Sometimes it’s difficult to connect and if you don’t understand your own profile, it’s hard to know what to look for in a job, friends or a partner. My method of self-discovery leads to actualization and joy.

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Meet Julie

Welcome. You’re here because you want to understand what’s going on for your 2e child, 2e student or 2e adult self. Intensity, chaos and confusion reign in your home, classroom, career or relationships. You want to help, you just don’t know how.

Hard things are easy and easy things are hard. With understanding comes calm.

As the parent of three twice exceptional children, and having counseled hundreds of parents, educators and 2e adults, I get what you’re going through. I want to help you change your trajectory. I’m passionate about helping you.

Let’s sit down and talk.

Let me explain why twice exceptionality is complex and how to tap into strengths and talents, so you can bring out the best and raise self-confidence in your child, your students, and yourself.

Come on in.

Bring Out the Best

My strengths-based approach toward calm and capable uses a three-step process:

✔ Understanding behavior, attitudes, and feelings
✔ Implementing strategies for success
✔ Creating supportive partnerships

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Our virtual conferences for parents, educators, and clinicians teach you how to reach and teach 2e learners — as a conference, not just a conversation. Renowned experts and thought leaders present research-based sessions on topics like: emotion regulation, social thinking, trauma, learning styles, classroom regulation, teaching strategies, perfectionism, underachievement, identification, misdiagnosis, and more. Let’s Talk 2e provides durable take-aways and tools you can apply TODAY in your home, classroom or clinical office. Credits available for educators.

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Let’s Talk 2e Webinars provide guidance and support on various topics in the 2e field. Browse our library including: “Discipline versus Punishment;” “Communication & Social/Emotional Engagement;” “Perfectionism: How it Affects Us and What To Do About it;” “School Refusal: What it is and What to do.” All Let’s Talk 2e Webinars provide strategies you can apply NOW in your home and classroom.

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