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With Understanding Comes Calm

Our mission is to empower parents, educators and professionals to bring out the best and raise self esteem in their twice exceptional (2e) children, students, clients, and themselves through education, tailor made strategies, and advocacy training.

 How to talk to your kids about the Coronavirus to lower anxiety and increase empowerment

Services for Parents of 2e children

Parenting Gifted and Distractible Children is challenging on many levels. We can help.

  • Education
  • Durable Strategies
  • Advocacy Training

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Services For Educators of 2e students

Teaching Gifted and Distractible students can be frustrating despite best efforts. Let us help.

  • Teacher Workshops
  • Personal Consultation
  • Collaborative Communication with Parents

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Services for Gifted and 2e Adults

Gifted adults are often dissatisfied in their relationships.  We want to help.

  • Recognize what you need for fulfillment
  • Construct appropriate boundaries
  • Make thoughtful decisions before reacting

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Our strengths based approach toward calm and capability utilizes a three-step process:

✔ Understanding behavior, attitudes, and feelings
✔ Strategies for success
✔ Creating supportive partnerships

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