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Self-Talk, The Importance of Talking to Yourself As If You Are Your Friend

When I meet with parents raising gifted kids with learning differences (aka, Twice Exceptional or 2e), and when I mentor twice exceptional adults, I’ll typically review a strategy called “Positive Self-Talk.” This mode of adjusting one’s...
2e and PTSD

2e and PTSD

As I scanned the landscape of sessions at the recent 2 Days of 2e Virtual Conference, I noted that each presentation – different as they were – had as part of their foundation, an understanding that the 2e or twice exceptional (gifted with a learning difference)...

Practicing What We Preach: Using Cognitive Flexibility in Understanding 2e

Walking from Greenwich Village to Penn station as I left a 2e Education conference in New York City, ideas of dual differentiation, talent development, anxiety strategies, ADHD parenting, play therapy, patience and understanding whirled around in my head. My thoughts...

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