Let’s Talk 2e PARENTS’ Conference

Speaker Gifts 2020

Each expert presenting in the 2020 Let’s Talk 2e! Parents’ Conference has provided at least one free gift for those who have an All Access Pass. 

Let’s Talk 2e Coffee Chat Replays

November 30: Scott Barry Kaufman and Maggie Brown

Autum Romano, LMT, CNMT, RM

How to Use the Polyvagal Theory in Your Family or Classroom

Consultation: Increase emotional regulation for the whole family!

Emotional Regulation Tools for Back to School

Emotional Regulation Tools for Back to School, 2

Belkin-Blank Center

Strategies for Supporting 2e at Home

Intersection of Giftedness and Autism Presentation Slides

Bev Nerenberg

EFT Tapping Points

EFT Basic Recipe

EFT Resources

EFT Tapping with Kids

Colin Seale

How Do You Define Success?

Schedule a Free Consultation with Colin Seale of ThinkLaw

Dan Peters, Ph.D.

The 2e Journey from the Parent's Point of View

Dianne Allen, M.A., CAP, CET

"The Way of the Sensitive" Pocket Manual

Heidi Molbak, M.S., NCC, CEP

Tips for Parents: Is Boarding School a Good Consideration for my Gifted or 2E Student?

Joan Green, M.A. CCC-SLP

Chapter 1 of Assistive Technology in Special Education

Resources List

Joseph Olan, Ed.D.

Top 10 Homeschool Tips for Parents

Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D.

"Bright, Talented and Black" Book Study Guide

"Bright, Talented and Black" Book Study Guide Answer Key

Glossary for Gifted Education Advocates

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.

Understanding and Managing Transitions

10 Strategies for Successful Communication

Free Consultation with Julie Skolnick

Kasi Ann Peters, MT-BC

Homeschooling the Gifted Resource Guide

Marc Smolowitz

"The Power of 2" Documentary

Nicole Tetreault, Ph.D.

A Lens Into Neurodiversity Handout

18 minute talk with Neuroscientist, Nicole Tetreault talking about ADHD — Asynchrony and ADHD, adult ADHD, sleep hygiene, and rewriting the mind for positive neural plasticity.

Rachel McAnallen, Ph.D.

Ms. Math Presents Fun with Cards

Robin Schader, Ph.D.

Conversation Script

Issue of "Connecting for High Potential"

Article on Conversations from “Parenting for High Potential”

Resource List

Roby Marcou, M.D. 

Resource List for 2e Families

Susan Baum, Ph.D.

The Mythology of Learning: Understanding Common Myths About 2e Learners

Let’s Talk 2e LIVE Q&A Series

Alternative School Options Q&A (Kasi Peters + Heidi Molbak)

Neurodiversity Q&A (Julie Skolnick + Dr. Nicole Tetreault)

Spirituality and Polyvagal Theory Q&A (Dianne A. Allen + Autum Romano)

Personality & Communication Q&A (Robin Schader + Susan Baum)

Success Q&A (Colin Seale)

EFT Tapping Circle (Bev Nerenberg)

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