Teachers Need Community

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As we gear up for our on-line Educator Conference, Let’s Talk 2e, I note that our mission is not only to help educate and arm teachers of Twice Exceptional students with strategies they can apply RIGHT NOW in their classrooms, but to provide support for educators. Teachers in general suffer from stress — from things as simple as not having time to eat or go to the bathroom, to juggling standards, and managing students’ learning and emotional needs. Educators of twice exceptional learners often juggle even more — more differentiation, more understanding, more emotion, more parent support.

Research demonstrates that teachers who reach out and share with colleagues lower their stress. Looking to others for support, for affirmation, for a hug and to help through challenges, can diffuse angst and help teachers connect with their students. Having others who get the specific struggles of sparking and engaging 2e learners – is a total game changer.

In the article, What Difference Can Teacher Friendships Make at Schools, the author addresses teacher loneliness, burnout, and the benefits of peer support. These teacher needs are exactly why we launched the Let’s Talk 2e Teachers’ Lounge on Facebook. This special place for teachers around the globe who teach twice exceptional learners, provides a platform to share successes and struggles, questions and answers and to gain new understanding and insight into the 2e learner and their family.

We hope you’ll meet us in the Teachers’ Lounge and that you’ll attend the Let’s Talk 2e Educator conference — releasing January 25, 2021 and remaining on-demand indefinitely for teacher convenience.

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Julie Skolnick

Julie Skolnick

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., is the Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC, through which she passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, and collaborates with and advises educators and professionals on bringing out the best and raising self-esteem in their students and clients.

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