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Three Steps Toward Classroom Success For Twice Exceptional Learners

This article was originally published in the Ohio ASCA Journal.

“Gifted & Distractible” is a term I use – casting the net widely to capture students who are both gifted and have a learning difference or disability. Commonly referred to as “Twice Exceptional,” “2e,” or “GT/LD,” these people (not just students or children since we never outgrow our ‘2e-ness’) have incredible strengths and potential but are often misunderstood, inappropriately disciplined, and taught incorrectly.

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Letting Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about “letting go” lately. Many people are recalibrating expectations and adjusting to ‘new norms’ globally – in the face of

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2e families

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

2e kids don’t get a whole lot of patience and understanding. But that’s what they sorely need. They need the adult in charge to understand them so they feel safe sharing their complicated feelings and can honestly explain the events, from his point of view, that precipitated the behavior.

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2e families

School Success

Last June, on my Facebook Live Broadcast “Let’s Talk 2e!” I spoke about getting ready for this school year. People probably wondered “Why is she

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2e Adults

Running to Stand Still

The lyrics illustrate the lonely and often frustrating journey of parenting a 2e child or being a 2e adult; awakening to the realization of necessary and sometimes onerous advocacy and the final appreciation that even after a journey of learning and promoting best practices, we may find ourselves standing in the same place as when we started.

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2e Adults

Success for Gifted and 2e Adults

For 2e children or adults, the key to success is recognizing and celebrating their own strengths despite destructive messaging, and using these assets to formulate strategies to support their challenges.

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